Del Paso Heights Project Area Committee (DPHPAC)

 The Del Paso Heights Project Area Committee (DPHPAC) will consist of 11 members elected to represent the community. The community will entrust the DPHPAC with the responsibility of providing advice, recommendations, and direction to the SEED Corporation through a collaborative and participatory process.   As important is the power gained through knowledge and the creation of a strong voice to bring the community's vision to fruition.

Guiding the DPHPAC’s endeavors will be a Mission Statement emphasizing its role to help create and speak for a unified community, empowered to foster revitalization through a shared vision and the strategic tools of knowledge required to bring that vision to life. 

SEED Corp’s purpose for establishing the DPHPAC, is to create a transparent and inclusive process for building a healthy community.  This will be accomplished through:

  • Resident involvement in decision-making
  • Development of strategies that shape policies and legislation
  • Advocacy, education, engagement, and empowerment of individuals and communities

To nominate yourself or someone else for the DPHPAC visit:

If you are not interested in being on the Seed Corporation DPHPAC but are interested in supporting the SEED Corporation and the DPHPAC in another capacity, please email